5 things to do in Colorado

Things to do in Colorado, with tons of pictures

Colorado. One of my favorite states, for obvious reasons. There is SO much to do. Honestly there will probably be a part two of this, but here we gooo

Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado

I’ll start with my most recent adventure… The Great Sand Dunes National Park.  The trip to the sand dunes was a spur of the moment extension of my already one week vacation in Colorado. Long story short, I convinced my best friend to stay one extra day, so we drove two hours out of the way to see this place, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. I would recommend going early in the day, if you are not planning on staying the night in one of the neighboring towns. We ended up staying the night in a town about 30 minutes away called Alamosa. 

Pike's Peak donut

Before we spontaneously extended our trip we had been adventuring in Colorado Springs. During our stay I drove all the way to the top of Pikes Peak, which was it’s whole own mini adventure (shout out to my bff for dealing with my driving skills). The drive up the mountain was pretty intense at a few points, but if I can make it up anyone can. The views from the top were well worth it, and so was the donut I got in the gift shop. 

Garden of the Gods

The third place I want to highlight is Garden of the Gods. Like I mentioned before we were staying in Colorado Springs, so it was only right that we went to Garden of the Gods considering it was literally ten minutes from where we were staying. We actually ended up going to the park twice during this trip, because it was that beautiful. The first day we went we drove on the driving trail in the park, which was so gorgeous. The second day we decided to bring our dinner there and eat it. So we ate dinner, then hiked around the park on foot to watch the sunset. 

Cheba Hut at Garden of the Gods

Since we are talking about dinner, YOU HAVE TO TRY CHEBA HUT. There is a couple locations around Colorado. The one we went to was in Colorado Springs. The menu is a 420 themed menu, but no there isn’t any cannibas in their food. We also went to Cheba Hut twice during our stay lol. I got the Pakalolo both times, which is ham,swiss & pineapple on their signature garlic herb bread. AND yes, pineapple belongs on pizza, and in this case on sandwichs as well, don’t @ me. 

hot tub at sun water spa in manitou springs colorado

I saved the best for last. We stumbled upon THE CUTEST little town about 30 minutes out of Colorado Springs, called Manitou Springs. We were looking for a hot spring to soak in, when we came across this place called Sun Water Spa in Manitou Springs. Getting a reservation for the hot springs was kind of difficult, because we couldn’t get anyone on the phone. Regardless we went anyway, because we were just rolling with the flow. The staff at the spa was so friendly and thankfully there was some openings, but we had like an hourish wait until we could get our own private spa. During that hour we ended up walking around the town. Which honestly was my favorite part of the whole experience. There was a freaking cutest little arcade in the middle of the town square. I don’t really know how to describe this town, I just know you HAVE to go! 



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